Gentis 9 Integrated & social solutions


Comprehensive solutions for companies, administrations and social organizations

Comprehensive solutions with social value tailored to your needs

We provide our clients with an effective and practical response to their needs in HR, training, and deployment of projects with social value. The programming of our offer always starts from an accurate diagnosis of the client’s needs, with the aim of contributing to the development of their professional skills and the progress of their company.

Our reference courses for companies can receive a bonus from the Tripartita Foundation. We provide you with the necessary documents for processing.


We put the strategic lines of action of Gentis at the service of companies: programmed and tailored training, HR service and socio-labor insertion, and Mediation actions.

Public Administration

Gentis offers a catalog of transversal services in advice and assistance to public administrations and other bodies under public law, especially City Councils and other local entities in the following areas: Specialized training in the socio-educational and psychotherapeutic field, technical supervision of professionals in team or individual in matters of orientation and socio-labor insertion, mediation of conflicts and attention to people; support in the design and development of social impact programs.

Social Entities

We promote the quality of life of individuals and groups at risk or in a situation of social exclusion. We create systems of communication, reflection and opinion, and work from social innovation and complementarity. We offer a whole range of support and advisory services to entities, Human Resources and Training services, as well as Projects with social and educational value.

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