Gentis 9 CSR 9 The Environment

The Environment

Plataforma Educativa is committed to the environment as the maximum expression of respect for our future generations, which is why the preservation of the environment is a basic principle of all actions of the people affected by this code, in accordance with the policies and systems of environmental management.
We respect the environment and we proactively work towards reducing the negative environmental impact
We enhance benefits by reducing, recycling and reusing resources by minimizing material and energy consumption, and we incorporate the concept of rethinking everything we do that can affect the environment.
We want to raise awareness through our programs
We facilitate the necessary training for the correct development of their activities, encouraging their participation in the achievement of objectives, and their growth as people.
We want to create a healthy and safe environment that promotes people well-being
We protect people’s physical and psychological health, and facilitate the reconciliation of working people’s personal and work lives.
We use environment friendly materials
With criteria for minimizing packaging, prioritizing eco-labelled products, products made with recyclable or biodegradable, long-lasting or rechargeable materials.
We ask our stakeholders and suppliers to apply the same criteria
We guarantee that they are taken into account in the selection of the entities, companies and organizations with which we maintain collaborations.
We guarantee compliance with all legal requirements and regulations required in any of the activities we carry out.
We comply with current regulations in each of the projects and services we perform.
We respect, protect and try to improve the environment as a basic goal in the management and development of our activities
We guarantee good environmental practices in our projects and activities.
We maximize the social profitability of the activities and services provided
We make its development compatible with the conservation and improvement of the environment so that today’s actions do not compromise the quality of life of future generations, thus promoting sustainable development.

That is why we promote the 9R model

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