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What's the volunteer role?
As a volunteer, your role is to live close to and feel part of the small and big successes achieved by the people served. All activities contribute a grain of sand to the improvement of people’s quality of life and the defense of their rights.
What volunteer options are available at the organization?
The main volunteering options are:

  • Accompany the young people we serve for two hours a week. It can be in our training centers, leisure spaces, etc.
  • Participate in the development of socialization, awareness-raising and community activities that we organize among users, volunteers, and professionals.
  • Help in organizational tasks of the entity.

From Acciona’t we can offer you a wide catalog of volunteer actions that help the development of social action in a city or municipality where the entity carries out its projects.

If you are 16 or over, send us an email so we can explain all the details of the organization and volunteering without any obligation.

If you finally want to be part of the social action we develop, we will meet privately to find the volunteering that best fits your expectations and availability and the needs of the organization’s programs.


A volunteer is someone who, by their own choice, dedicates part of their time to solidary, altruistic action, without receiving remuneration in return. The Acciona’t service was created to give a name to all those people (citizens, volunteers, workers) who selflessly dedicate their free time to social volunteering initiatives and projects within one of the entities of Plataforma Educativa.

Acciona’t works thanks to the effort of each Educational Platform entity, which contributes a percentage of the human resources team to give form and solidity to the Volunteering and respond to the specific needs of each organization in relation to voluntary people

Volunteering is an added value for the entities that make up the Educational Platform, it provides a point of contact with society, with the direct environment of the services, and with the social networks of neighborhoods, municipalities, or cities. It facilitates the return to society of the work we do by acting as agents of communication, dissemination, and recognition of the professional work that the projects and services develop.

Like the other profiles within the organization, volunteers have the right to know and be part of the participation bodies as well as the spaces where information is shared outside the technical or strictly professional sphere.

Contact us

If you are an active, dynamic, supportive, and committed person, you have time that you want to dedicate to others, and you want to do activities and share new experiences with us, write to us and tell us about it.

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