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participation and governance

Governance model

At Gentis we have a continuous activity of production and exchange of goods and services. We work for social justice and equal opportunities for everyone. We are part of Plataforma Educativa and use the rest to achieve our social purpose. We are an independent entity and have organizational autonomy independent of the public administration or a for-profit company.

We have an inclusive governance system.

management bodies

The Gentis Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees made up of professionals in the field of care for people. It is represented by the General Management which delegates to the Executive Management the daily management of the different projects and services we carry out. This own system of control and coordination facilitates a transversal governance model, oriented towards the common good and socially responsible.

The direction of the entity goes hand in hand with the strategic direction of Plataforma Educativa, a direction shared between all the organizations and articulated through a General Directorate, three Executive Directorates, and a Service Management.

We are organizations born from people’s initiatives and concerns and where the basis of power is not in the ownership of capital.

management bodies

  • Department of Human Resources and Occupational Health and Safety
  • Technical Department, Quality and CSR
  • Department of Digitization, ICT, and Communication
  • Department of Finance and Research
  • Department of Cooperation, volunteering, and participation
  • Legal Department
  • Department of Internationalization

representation and participation bodies

  • Ethics Committee.
  • Equality Commission.
  • Participation motor group.
  • Volunteering.


We act complementary and collaboratively to optimize resources, take advantage of the expertise, and grow in social innovation to improve people’s quality of life.

publications of interest

Axis of Identity. Participation Guide

Axis of Identity. Volunteer Plan

Axis of Identity. Ethical code

Axis of Identity. Basis for the creation of an Equal Opportunities Plan

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El passat 31 de gener vam celebrar la segona trobada #GoGentisGo de persones treballadores de Gentis. Havíem passat 8 anys des de la darrera trobada presencial amb totes les persones que treballem a Fundació Gentis. 8 anys en els que han passat moltes coses: noves...

La Fundació Gentis participa en la Jornada Òmnia 2023

La Fundació Gentis participa en la Jornada Òmnia 2023

El passat divendres 24 de febrer, la Fundació Gentis va participar en la #JornadaÒmnia2023 on a més d'assistir-hi com a entitat gestora dels Punts Òmnia de Figueres (, l'Escala ( i Girona Est...

Èxit de participació a la 1ª Fira d’Orientació laboral i Educativa a Vilassar de Dalt i Premià de Dalt

Èxit de participació a la 1ª Fira d’Orientació laboral i Educativa a Vilassar de Dalt i Premià de Dalt

Durant els dies 14, 15 i 16 de febrer es va realitzar la 1ª Fira d’Orientació laboral i Educativa organitzada per la Fundació Gentis en col•laboració amb els ajuntaments de Vilassar de Dalt i Premià de Dalt amb els objectius d’assessorar i orientar sobre les diferents opcions formatives i recursos dels que disposem en el nostre entorn més immediat.

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