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Ethics Committee

In 2008, the entities that make up Plataforma Educativa created the Ethics Committee which is responsible for the promotion of ethics, the training of its workers in these aspects, and the establishment of strategies in order to incorporate the ethical perspective in daily intervention.

Specifically, it promotes and coordinates the process through which the Code of Ethics is updated, stimulating training and reflection on explicit and implicit moral values in professional practice, while supporting professional teams in addressing and solving ethical issues that arise.

This Applied Ethics Committee in no case exercises supervisory or sanctioning functions, nor does it borrow the ethical analysis of the professional teams of direct intervention.

In relation to the Code of Ethics, it is conceived as the result of an open and permanent process, which detects the ethically relevant aspects of our professional activity, encouraging deliberation among all the people affected, and which includes guidelines on how to address them.

This document is available to all staff, with the intention of being, not only a reference document, but an element of improvement and transformation of the professional work of organizations.

Since 2018, we have also had a Space for Ethical Reflection and Action in Social Intervention Services (ERAESS), as an analysis and discussion group to address the first ethical conflicts and dilemmas. In this space, they debate, analyze and advise on decision-making, generating knowledge and guidelines for intervention and promoting good attitudes and good practices.

It is a consultative tool that promotes awareness and training in ethical values in our entities and services, while promoting good professional and organizational practices in our services through the elaboration of protocols, criteria, and recommendations in our Ethical Code.

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If you need more information or to make a query, contact the Ethics Committee.

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