Gentis 9 Transparency


Executive Summary

Social Balance and Transparency

This section presents an annual report that collects information on the results obtained regarding the main socio-educational actions: socio-labor insertion, training services, educational actions, mediation, entrepreneurship, and self-employment.

This report compiles economic and financial data and references to the labor structure and the organization of the different lines of action with a self-developed tool.

  • Economic memory of the entity.
Contracts and Grants 2020 (pdf; 5 pàg. 520 K).

Contracts and Grants 2019 (pdf; 2 pàg. 561 K).

Contracts and Grants 2018 (pdf; 6 pàg. 1,3 MB).

Contracts and Grants 2017 (pdf; 5 pàg. 1,1 MB).

Contracts and Grants 2016 (pdf; 4 pàg. 2,9 MB).

Contracts and Grants 2015 (pdf; 4 pàg. 830 KB).

Contracts and Grants 2014 (pdf; 4 pàg. 800 KB).

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