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We are a social company

We strongly believe in the social economy, we are an organization born of the initiative and concern of the citizens and where the basis of power is not in the ownership of capital.
In Gentis, we fulfill the different dimensions of the social businesses described by the European Commission in its communication for the European Parliament “Creating a favourable climate for social enterprises, Key stakeholders in the social economy and innovations”. The definition of Social Business Initiative, 2011 (SBI) has been developed in the last decade via academic literature and European politics and introduces three key dimensions to define a social business:

A business dimension

it has to participate in a continuous economical activity.

A social dimension

it must have a principal and explicit social objective.

A governance dimension

it’s got to have mechanisms to attach and secure social objectives to the organization.

Each of the above dimensions is operationalized through the development of a set of basic criteria that reflect, a priori, the minimum conditions that an organization must meet to be classified as a social enterprise in the EU definition.

In the Gentis Foundation:
  • We have a continuous production and exchange of goods and/or service activity: we manage care services for people and produce products, which allow us to employ people in precarious and/or socially risky situations.
  • We pursue an explicit and main social purpose: we work for social justice and equal opportunities for all.
  • We are a non-profit organization that is part of a group of other non-profit organizations and we allocate the remnants to achieve our social purpose.
  • We are an independent entity and we have organizational autonomy independent of the public administration or a for-profit company.
  • We have an inclusive governance system: We’ve built participatory decision-making processes and a strategic management system.

Activity Report

Yearly memory 2015

Yearly memory 2016

Yearly memory 2017

Yearly memory 2018

Yearly memory 2019

Yearly memory 2020

Set of actions made throughout recent years

Project Call Period
SIOAS programme (Tortosa and Salt) SIOAS 2014 01/07/14 to 30/06/15
RMI programme (Tortosa, Tarragona, Barcelona, Salt, Santa Coloma de Farners) EMO/220/2014 10 JULY 02/11/14 to 30/04/15
Work and training programme PIRMI  (Deltebre) Work and Training PIRMI 2014 15/11/14 to 31/05/15
Guidance Programme (old IPI)(Montblanc and Tordera) Guidance net for Employment 2014 01/12/12 to 31/10/15
Incorpora Programme Incorpora Programme 01/06/14 to 30/06/15
Local Turistic Promotion and information to the visitor Course (FOAP 2014)(Girona) Training Offer in Priority Areas (FOAP 2014) 16/02/15 to 02/07/15
Course on Manufacturing canned Vegetables  (FOAP 2014)(Deltebre) Training Offer in Priority Areas (FOAP 2014) 27/12/14 to 27/05/15
Secondary Education Degree (GES)(Adult Center Lo Pont) GES-Education Department 01/10/14 to 20/06/15
Training and Insertion Program (PFI, formerly PQPI): Auxiliary in nurseries and gardens Education Department 19/12/14 to 31/07/15



Project Call Period
TAS Programme TAS 2013 01/06/13 to 01/06/14
Service Learning Project Jaume Bofill Foundation 02/11/13 to 31/07/14
Auxiliary in nurseries and gardens (AGAO42CCC-4)(Deltebre) Initial Professional Qualification Program (PQPI 2013) 04/11/13 to 31/07/14
POIN Programme POIN 2013 01/12/13 to 30/06/14
Social and health care for people at home (SSCS0108) Rural Women Assiociations’ Federation (FADEMUR) 23/12/13 to 25/06/14
Office Telephonist/Receptionist (ADGI11DCP-3)(Tortosa) Training Offered in Priority Areas (FOAP 2013) 27/12/13 to 31/07/14
Auxiliary Hairdressing and Aesthetic Services (IMPE0108) Youth for Employment Montsià County Council 19/03/13 to  12/06/13
Kitchen’s Basic Operations (HOTR0408) Youth for Employment Montsià County Council 18/03/13 to 11/06/13
Degree in Secondary Education (GES)(Lo Pont Adult Center) GES-Department of Education 01/02/14 to 15/09/14
Office Telephonist/Receptionist (ADGIDCP-3)(Girona) Training Offered in Priority Areas (FOAP 2013) 19/02/14 to 08/07/14



Project Call Period
Local Turistic Promotion and information to the visitor’s Course (HOTI0108) (Girona) Initial Professional Qualification Programme (PQPI 2012) 28/01/13 to 31/07/13
Nurseries and Gardens’s Auxiliary  (AGAO42CCC-4)(Tordera) Initial Professional Qualification Programme (PQPI 2012) 02/11/12 to  31/07/13
Nurseries, Gardens, and Gardening Centers’ Auxiliary (AGAO0108)(Deltebre) Training Offered in Priority Areas (FOAP 2012) 27/03/13 to 04/04/13
Hygiene or asepsis in hairdressing module (IMPQ0108)(Amposta) Training Offered in Priority Areas (FOAP 2012) 28/12/12 to 31/07/13
Basic operations in nursery and gardening module (AGA164_1)(Deltebre) Training Offered in Priority Areas (FOAP 2012) 18/03/13 to 12/06/13
Atenció sociosanitària a persones dependents en institució (SSCS0208) (Deltebre) Train and Insert Programme(2012) 28/12/12 to 31/07/13


Project Call Period
Nurseries and gardens’ operator Course (AGAO53DCP-4)(Deltebre) Offer to Priority Areas Training (FOAP 2011) Del 21/11/11 a 24/05/12
Office telephonist Receptionist Course
Offer to Priority Areas Training (FOAP 2011) Del 21/11/11 a 24/05/12

Our story

Non-profit Entity

Gentis Foundation is a non-profit entity whose origins are the Family Therapy Gentis Association. It was constituted in the year 2000 and transformed into a foundation on December 2006, with the ITC G17679267 and remaining registered in the register of foundations of the Generalitat de Catalunya with number 2337.

among its objectives are:

  • Elaborating and developing social initiative programmes that favor actions to improve employability; guidance and training actions linked to formal education and the return to the educational system; education actions 360; work and community development actions.
  • Offering advice, support, guidance, and work and/or educational accompaniment.
  • Giving labour intermediation services that include: insertion, monitoring, training, and job prospecting.
  • Making programmes specifically aimed at young people, the elderly, people deprived of freedom, and people with disabilities and mental health.
  • Designing, developing and offering online training to the people cared for, families, and professionals.
  • Promoting community health.
  • Promoting mediation as conflict prevention, facilitation, and management.
  • Developing social, leisure, and sports projects and training in community and environment fields.
  • Performing permanent training activities targeted at professionals, preferably in the social and education sector
  • From interculturality as a beginning to society’s development, developing projects and programmes that enhance the understanding between different comuniqués.
  • In the proposals and projects we run, we’re looking to highlight our vision, trajectory, experience, and knowledge of the sectors it leads in, trying to innovate with ideas and strategies of action and intervention.
The main activity of the Gentis Foundation has its origins in family therapy gradually incorporating services and programs of socio-labor orientation in its day-to-day life. It initially operated in the territory of Girona and together with ACSOI (Associació Acció Social Integral, or Integral Social Action Association), which operated in Terres de l’Ebre, led the actions, in addition to therapeutic intervention, in the field of guidance and socio-labor insertion within Plataforma Educativa. It should be noted that the Group for Research and Study of Conflicts is added to the organizational fabric, which works to improve coexistence through mediation processes.
In 2014, the Gentis Foundation joins forces with AVBC, a non-profit organization registered in the Generalitat’s Associations register since 1989 and located in Barcelona, with recognized experience in occupational and labor training. This entity assumes Gentis’ own mission and values, becoming Gentis’ headquarters in Barcelona.

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